Industry exclusive goal is to sell manufactured goods with added value that will allow Return On Investment and Shareholders dividends.
Usually, investors are focused on production facilities (machinery and buildings) while other aspects are set aside.

Engineering department is, in many cases, a forgotten key factor, that would insure business sustainability and long term success.

L’huis du Vin   supports the Engineering Team with:
  • Proper spare parts management, starting from items Tree building, standard naming, up to consistent replenishment automated system set-up
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans & Machines History
  • Overall Utility Requirements Master Plan with Cost Savings solutions (including future expansions)

L’huis du Vin   will always start from the basics (simple maintenance planning system)

  • Target Long reliable machine life, smooth continuous operation, better productivity.
  • Result:  More profitable ROI (return on investment)