People are the heart of success of any organization.


L’huis du Vin  helps you build your efficient work force, supported by tailor-made management tools:

  • Organization Chart
  • Job Descriptions
  • KPIs Evaluation System
  • Dashboards

Organization Chart

Job Descriptions

KPIs System


Gives a clear vision and insight of ‘who is doing what’ in the organization, while optimizing  interrelations.

Defining the jobs and functions properly is the starting point for getting targeted results

Is THE base for any fair assessment of employees, while keeping a healthy productive work environment.

It will evaluate in concrete  quantifiable  measurable way the performance of all employees and departments in the organization

Executive and upper Management need to understand performance/ results/ progress  in a “nutshell” .

Custom made dashboards are clear strong visual instantaneous tools, that will serve this purpose.