Quality Control and Quality Assurance are the pillars of any serious organization aiming to excellency.

L’huis du Vin   supports you :

  • Set the standards, then use the root cause analysis to understand non-conformances
  • Get things right from the first time
  • Get the job done On Time and In Full
FTR (first time right) 95%
OTIF (on time in full) 90%
non-conformancy index 3%

Laboratory Investment & Management

Grapes, Wine, Brandy, Water, Wastewater,… More than 160 analysis need to be performed in a wine/brandy production Plant.

L’huis du Vin   supports you :

  • Understand the different required analysis : wine stability, extract, volatile acids, sulfer, frigo-test, turbity, density, alcohol content… to name few of a long list of analysis needed to monitor and assure your product quality
  • Understand and control the results, according to international industry standards: Performing tests and analysis is not enough, proper actions based on these analysis are needed. HDV will make sure your lab team understands and takes these proper actions to get things back to norms.
  • Understand the corresponding investments  & source proper equipment / automated analyzers (if needed): wine scanners, centrifuges, stability check instruments, distillators, sulfilizers, microscopes… to name a few of possible options for a well equipped lab. According to your needs and applications, HDV will guide you get the right instrument for the right job.