L’huis du Vin helps you control all aspects of your supply chain processes and activities, through developing custom master tools and tailor made systems :

  • Forecasting Model
  • Bill of Materials development
  • Production Planning Model and Shop floor production scheduling,
  • MRP derivation and Implementation,
  • Distribution and Storage Requirements Optimization
  • Optimum inventory monitoring and control

Master Production Tool

Bill of Materials

Forecast Model

A reliable Production Planning tool is the starting point for efficient Production Control::

  • Production Lines = Cost
  • Production Lines Control = Cost Reduction
  • Cost Reduction = Higher profitability

A properly developed Bill of Materials (BoM) is the starting point for a complete mastering of :

  • Process
  • Material Management
  • Costing
A reliable ‘forecasting tool’ is the starting point for a proper Supply Chain control.
  • Forecasting is based on both history facts, plus Sales and Marketing vision and plans.

MRP Compiler Tool

Distribution Planner

Inventory Monitoring & Control

  • Too much stock = unnecessary working Capital and financial burden.
  • Missing stock = unsmooth operation and a risk of loosing sales.
  • Material requirement Proper Management and Planning Tools are therefore a must for a smooth operation and healthy inventory.
Optimizing distribution and storage requirements is essential for saving:
  • time,
  • money, and
  • providing efficient and reliable service for the customer

Visual aided tools are designed and customized to :

  • insure optimum global inventory control and follow-up, on the long and short runs